Green Vent Solar - Attic extractor - Tempurature / Humidity

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East Coast Suspended Ceilings is now selling GREEN VENT SOLAR attic extractors - designed for NZ conditions. This quiet solar powered vent uses a thermostat and humidistat to ensure it only runs when required. The vent will keep your home cooler during summer and drier during the winter...providing years of comfort at NO ENERGY COST. 

During the summer months, attic temperatures can exceed 50C making your home hot and uncomfortable. 

During the winter many homes (including modern airtight ones) experience condensation problems (which can permanently damaged fibreglass insulation), dampness and toxic mould growth. GREEN VENT SOLAR is the perfect solution to this problem by switching on when the humidity is too high.

GREEN VENT SOLAR is beneficial to the life of your insulation and the health of your home by reducing the amount of moisture in the roof space.  The GREEN VENT SOLAR will also reduce your power consumption by minimising the requirement for use of cooling units in your home.



  • High quality solar panel that tilts and rotates 
  • Suitable for most roof types including skillion (very susceptible to dampness problems) and suited to corrugated iron and other profiles. 
  • Comes with 700mm x 700mm x 0.7mm malleable flashing, with small upstand for tile roofs (upstand can be trimmed off for corrugated longrun roofs).  
  • Comes with mains power plug in option 
  • Thermostat switches unit on at 27°C and switches off at 25°C. 
  • Humidistat switches unit on at 75%RH and switches off at 65%RH 
  • Pre-assembled - easy DIY instalation - see video 
  • 7 year manufacturer’s warranty on most parts (12 months on motor).
  • Operates without wind
  • Only operates when required 
  • High efficiency 38v dc motor
  • Stylish black casing
  • Designed for the New Zealand climate


Please use this chart to calculate the amount of vents required.


The Environment Control System (ECS) is an automated system for running the fan when environmental conditions demand it. The system is powered by a 12V solar panel so if there is no sun, the unit will not operate. 

However, you can plug the ECS into mains power (see below for information) using the transformer (included). The fan will run on solar power when it has sunlight, otherwise it will run on mains power and only run for eight minutes every half hour.



To set up night time moisture control you will need the services of a qualified electrician to install a 12V transformer (to be sourced in NZ).You can plug the ECS into mains power (separate transformer required) which will then allow the ECS unit to control the GREEN VENT SOLAR when there is not enough sunlight on the solar panel, such as at night. 



  • Transformer input is based on local power source. 
  • Transformer output to be 12V DC - 1.5Amp.
  • Plug for transformer should be 5.5mm
  • Temperature control is always ON.
  • Humidity control is always ON.
  • The unit will automatically switch ON at 27°C and switch OFF at 25°C.
  • The unit will automatically switch ON at 75% relative humidity & switch OFF at 65% relative humidity.
  • The system runs on the power of the solar panel so if there is no Sun, such as night time, the unit will not run regardless of temperature or humidity.
  • The optimum direction for the solar panel to face is north.
  • The energy usage is almost negligible at approximately 0.03k/w. 



  • Solar panel: 35 Series DC 12V System 15 Watt Poly-crystalline silicon solar panels.
  • Top cover: UV stabilised thermoplastic-haircell texture (black).
  • Brackets: 1.5mm (16 guage) brackets and supports.
  • Fan: High performance, lightweight fan blade.
  • Motor: High efficiency 38V DC motor
  • Flashing: 0.55mm pressed steel flashing designed to fit almost any roof type. 
  • Flashing Dimensions: 700 x 700 x 0.7mm
  • Thermostat: Allows the fan to operate if the temperature exceeds 27°C.
  • Humidistat: Allows the fan to operate if the humidity reaches 75% and turns of when the humidity drops below 75



The GREEN VENT SOLAR has a Manufacturer’s Warranty of 7 years against defects occurring in the manufacturing process. (Excludes motor which includes a 12 month warranty) For all warranty information and enquiries, please call 0800 257 964 or visit



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