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Welcome to East Coast Suspended Ceilings, NZ

Please browse our range of ceilings. We supply and install in many parts of the country. Acoustic, hygiene, sound control, bulkheads, lighting islands and all modern variations

Or purchase from our range of Branz appraised insulation at some of New Zealands most competitive prices




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The ceiling of any room is the surface in our home or office that influences the atmosphere, keeps the heat is, often lightens up the room and influences the sound.

There are many ceiling options available from:

Grid and tile ceiling

Grid and tile ceilings are less expensive than GIB® plasterboard ceilings and provide the extra benefit of access to services above and take on the special properties of the ceiling tiles used to construct them. Ceilings can reflect light, absorb sound, create a hygienic surface and constribute to a visually please enviroment.

GIB®  Plasterboard Ceilings

GIB® plasterboard ceilings are used in our homes and places where we like a clean smooth finish. These can be direct fixed to timber or metal battens or suspended from the structure above. Although they are the most popular choice for ceilings in homes in New zealand there are also many other options.