School fundraiser-Healthy homes for kids

Introducing our 'Healthy homes for kids' school fundraiser

This deal is available on all our products except for the Earthwool range


We have long been a fan of pricing insulation within reach of most New Zealand families. Often people are completely surprised at the low cost of insulating their home themselves. Buying from us means not only will you get great advice and some of New Zealand’s best insulation prices, but you can also insulate just an area of your home at once and make purchases of just a few bales at a time.

We don’t spend money on expensive advertising and this keeps our prices to a minimum. We are inviting Schools to promote our products for us through a few simple clicks on facebook. Follow this link to our facebook page and you'll see an incredible insulation deal that we are currently offering. Like our page and share our insulation promotion with your friends and make sure you write your schools fundraising code with an instruction to further like & share in the post for all your friends to see.

When your friends (and their friends) like our page and purchase insulation from our website they will be prompted at the checkout to enter the schools promotional code and their facebook name. Every purchase from a New Zealand that is made with your schools code from one of our facebook followers will give 5% of the purchase price back to your school.

These days when you mention insulation to a group of friends, there is always some-one that is talking about insulating a room, garage, an area of underfloor or a family members home. Well over half the customers we talk to end up making an insulation purchase from us, so why not ask you friends to contact us and discover the savings to be made by using our products.

Why now contact us to register your school, advertise your schools code, along with our details below in your school newsletter and let the fundraising begin.

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Any insulation product purchased from our company ecommerce website by a friend of our facebook page will have 5% of their purchase price donated back to the registered school of their choice until the end of the promotion period.