Polygold Pure

Our very latest insulation manufacturing plant has now been installed and commissioned meaning our best delivered insulation prices offer even better value.

East Coast Suspended Ceilings is able to offer an insulation product which is environmentally friendly, contains no formaldehyde or artificial colouring.  It has a polyester based binder and is free of Phenol.

Polygold pure is still made of recycled glass, but the newest technology is able to coat the glass fibres with binder much better than previously, offerring a new level of comfort for the installer.  Polygold Pure is softer, healthier and virtually dust and itch free, when compared with NZ made and older fibreglass insulation products that are made with formaldehyde based binders.  All Polygold Pure is BRANZ tested.

Formaldehyde is classified as carcinogen in many countries

PolyGold PURE is the latest in recycled glass insulation offering: 

  •  No FORMALDEHYDE, phenol, acrylics or artificial colours 
  •  Installer comfort - Virtually DUST FREE and ITCH FREE 
  •  All Branz tested product 
  •  A healthier, greater comfort alternative to home owners 
  •  50 year minimum product durability (won't sag) 
  •  Easy install - open bale in ceiling and place pieces 

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