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Insulation products

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Insulation materials work by slowing down the heat loss from a building and therefore keeping the building warmer for longer. The higher the r rating of a product the better the products ability to slow the heat loss and the warmer you will stay indoors and energy you will save.

Fibreglass Insulation

Fibreglass is New Zealand most popular and cost effective insulation material. Product is easy to cut and available in blankets or precut pieces that are installed by laying them without gaps in the ceiling or wall cavities.

Fibreglass insulation is made from recycled glass and silica sand. Glass is molten down and extruded into into fibres which are coated with resins and then bonded into a matt. Most fibreglass insulations use Formadehyde based resins although Earthwool formadehyde free versions is now also available through us. Currently there is a large range of formaldehyde insulation available for purchase in New Zealand ranging from very dusty products with high levels of formaldehyde in resins that will last for an unknown amount of time to products with very little dust that are not manfactured using formaldehyde and will maintain their loft in excess of 50 years. For all fibreglass insulation it is recoemmeded that you wear long sleeve clothing and a dust mask during installation.

There are a number of brands of fibreglass insulation, but only a few are trusted branz appraised or tested to ensure that that the R rating of the product being claimed will be achieved and will continue to be maintained by the 50 year minimum durability period as required by the building code. Some products use older style binders similar to that used in New Zealand 20 years ago that are known to have issues with products loft sagging, reducing the r ratings.

Care should be taken to ensure that fibreglass insulation should never become damp as product loft will be destroyed even after the product dried out. If your roof has any leaks these should be repaired priort o installation of your new insulation.

We recommend Polygold Fibreglass insulation which is branz tested and offers exceptional value for money and convenient free delivery to many New zealand towns.

Polyester Insulation

Polyester is made fom recycled coke bottles and is the same material that duvet inners and many jackets are made from. Products can be ripped in one direction and often product are installed in blanket form. This product is formadehyde and dust free, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. Polyester is unique in that it returns to its full loft if it should ever become damp and is well know for maintaining it's loft for a very long time. Polyester is more expensive than fibreglass.