Installation - Lumino Skylights

Lumino Skylight installation instruction 

Easily installed by a home handyperson; the LuminoTM Tubular Skylight comes with everything you need to bring natural light directly into your home.
Please read ALL instructions prior to installation.
Please note that Step Two has different instructions for tile and metal roofs.
The Lumino is suitable for almost any type of roof, including  but not limited to tile and steel (please contact us if any questions).Suitable for installation on a roof with a pitch of 45 degrees or less

Important Flashing information for corrugated Iron roofs

All Skylights must be installed with mechanical flashings rather than silicon in New Zealand. It is therefor easiest when installing this product on corrugated iron roofs to lift up the flashing at the ridge of the roof and to secure the lumino flashing underneath this before resecuring the ridge flashing. If this is not possible then there are 2 options for installing into your corrugated roof.

1   -   Get a piece of matching corrugated iron from your local longrun company and insert this under the ridge flashing to the point further down the roof where you would like to install the unit. Your lumino flashing can then be installed underneath this.

2   -   Get a roofer, plumber or person with flashing experience to flash the unit for you using custom flashings and methods they recommend

Note: With the length of the silver tube provided it does give some flexibility as to where the lumino can be positioned although it always best to install as straight and short as possible. 


Step 1: Tile or Metal Roof

Select position on ceiling to put the Lumino.
Make sure there are no ceiling joists in
the selected position. At the centre of this
selected position, put a nail through the

Step 2: Tile Roof

Remove a roof tile directly above the nail
– ensure there are no roof timbers where the
dome is to be placed. You may need to trim
some adjacent tiles.

Step 2: Metal Roof

Cut a 32cm diameter hole directly above the
nail – ensure there are no roof timbers where
the dome is to be placed.

Step 3: Tile or Metal Roof

Cut Flexible tube to length, measure distance
from roof to ceiling and add 120mm.

Step 4: Tile or Metal Roof

Join flexible duct to roof flashing upper
stainless steel ring using push-out tabs and
duct tape provided.

Step 5: Tile or Metal Roof

Rivet the lower stainless steel ring together,
then join flexible duct to this ring using the
duct tape provided.

Step 6: Tile or Metal Roof

Fit flashing into roof allowing flexible duct to
hang down. Ensure the top of the Lumino flashing sits underneath existing roof  material or flashing


Step 7: Tile or Metal Roof

Mark and cut a 31cm diameter hole in the
ceiling for the ceiling ring. You can use the
ceiling frame as a template.

Step 8: Tile or Metal Roof

Screw and fit ceiling ring into position with
supplied screws and lugs and cover screw
heads with white caps.


Step 9: Tile or Metal Roof

From inside ceiling pull flexible tube &
stainless steel ring down and position into
the ceiling frame and fix with 2x screws.


Step 10: Tile or Metal Roof

The light diffuser is fitted by gently flexing it
into the frame.

4x M45mm x 4.5mm Screws are for fixing ceiling frame to ceiling.
2x M8mm x 20mm Screws are for fixing lower stainless ring to ceiling frame.
4x White screw caps are to cover the screws.
4x White rectangle lugs are to be used in conjunction with the M45mm x 4.5mm screws.